Criminal litigation, commercial crime, and money laundering

Among others, fraud, conspiracy to defraud, obtaining property, pecuniary advantage, or services by deception and forging instruments are some of the most common commercial crimes in Hong Kong.

Commercial crimes often involve voluminous commercial documents, complex case facts and legal issues. Our Mr. Martin Yeung has extensive experience in this area and has defended his clients for serious commercial crimes, which vary widely from investigations by the Independent Commission Against Corruption, the Commercial Crime Bureau or the Securities and Futures Commission. 

Money laundering

The Organized and Serious Crimes Ordinance (Cap. 455) stipulates that a person commits an offence if he/she has knowledge or believes that any property represents any person’s proceeds of an offence, and he/she deals with that property. This is commonly known as money laundering. If any person knows or suspects any property represents any person’s proceeds of an offence or terrorist property, he/she must disclose the property to the authorized entity (i.e. the Joint Financial Intelligence Unit).
It is noteworthy that the prosecution does not have to prove that the concerned property is the proceeds of an offence. In many cases, the Defendant also shares certain burdens of proof.
For the prevention of money laundering and in defending money laundering cases, our experience has been proven useful in helping our individual, small and medium enterprises and corporate clients. Please contact us for any further advice in this area to protect your interests and rights. 


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